Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) page! Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. We hope that they assist, and that they tell you a bit more about us. 

Of course if you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to renovations, extensions, new construction, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, landscaping, pools, patios and repairs for both residential and commercial buildings.

How do I get started?

Simple… contact us to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your project objectives, budget and schedule. If we all think we would work well together we will be able to proceed and gather all the details needed to provide you with a quote.

When is the best time to engage Porters?

Generally, it’s best to engage us as early in the planning process as possible. This allows Porter’s to provide input on the feasibility and affordability of your project, as well as provide design suggestions that can help you achieve your goals within your budget. As soon as you have a clear idea of what you want to build, we will work with you (during the design phase), helping you to create plans that meet your needs while staying within your budget. Early engagement, especially for a renovation is important as this allows us to assess the existing structure and provide suggestions for the best way to achieve your goals while minimising the impact on the rest of your property.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes absolutely, we are licensed and insured to provide our services.

What is the timeline for a typical project?

The timeline for a project can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. We will work with you to develop a timeline that fits your needs and budget

Do you provide warranties for your work?

Yes, we provide warranties for our workmanship and materials used.

Can you provide references from past clients?

Yes, we can provide references from past clients upon request.

Do you work with architects and designers?

Yes, we definitely work with architects, designers and engineers – in fact it’s ideal for all involved that we do. We are able to work with your existing design team if they have already been engaged, and are able to provide design and construct packages to use our existing relationships to bring your vision to life.

Where in Brisbane do you service?

We offer services in all inner Brisbane suburbs. However all projects will be considered on a case by case basis, so get in touch to discuss your project with us. 

What should i consider when choosing a Builder for my home?

Choosing a builder for your home is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Some factors you should keep in mind when choosing a builder:

  1. Reputation: Look for builders who have a good reputation in the industry.
  2. Experience: Choose a builder who has experience in building homes similar to what you want.
  3. License and insurance: Make sure the builder you choose is licensed and insured.
  4. Communication: Good communication is crucial when building a home. Choose a builder who is easy to talk to, listens to your needs, and keeps you informed throughout the process.
  5. Budget: Choose a builder who can work within your budget.
  6. Timeline: Make sure the builder can meet your timeline requirements.
  7. Warranty: Choose a builder who offers a warranty on their work.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a builder who can turn your dream home into a reality.

What is a PC and PS item?

PC and PS items refer to “prime cost” and “provisional sum” items respectively.

A prime cost item (PC) is a specific item or material that has not been selected or specified at the time the contract is signed. The PC amount is an estimate of the cost of that item or material, and the actual cost is determined later when the item or material is selected.

A provisional sum item (PS) is a general allowance made in the contract for a specific aspect of the work that has not been fully defined or quantified at the time the contract is signed. The PS amount is an estimate of the cost of that aspect of the work, and the actual cost is determined later when the scope of work is defined.

In essence, PC and PS items are used in building contracts to allow for flexibility and to accommodate any unforeseen changes or variations in the project. It is important to understand the PC and PS items and to ensure that they are clearly defined in the contract, so that there is no confusion or disputes later on.